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  • Gary Mclellan
    General Manager

    Gary has for years been the back bone of our day to day operations at Finnegan.  His leadership helps define our industry-leading ideals and processes.

  • Jason Falbo
    General Sales Manager

    Twenty-plus years of experience with both Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram brands and advanced level team management help Jason to create the perfect environment for your buying experience here at Finnegan.  His concern for exceeding customer satisfaction expectations & goal to make us number one in the Houston area as a dealership means that his team revels in these success benchmarks through his leadership and tenacity.

  • Ron Daniels
    Sales Manager

    Ron is the calm, cool and collected head of automotive transactions and product management.  His decades of experience and willingness to share that wisdom makes him an invaluable team member.  Although most customers may rely on their sales team member for assistance, rest assured that Ron or one of his management team partners is there as well helping guide the process along smoothly.

  • Robert Miranda
    Sales Manager

    Robert is our high-energy, super exciting Sales manager who works harder than anyone we know to make your trip to Finnegan super awesome!  If your plan is to have a great time while making a great car deal, it's Robert who helps make that happen!

  • James Wells
    Business Manager

    James is a proud member of our Finance & Insurance department.  His ability to efficiently and effectively aid our clients through the finance process helps us be the best choice for anyone looking for a vehicle.  We think of our entire team as a one big family helping our community, and our transaction managers are a huge reason we succeed.

  • Keith Orsak
    Finance & Insurance Manager

    Keith has recently been promoted to our F&I Department! 

  • Mike Todd
    Online Account Manager

    Mike Todd is responsible for the communication and aid with those clients that prefer an electronic transaction in lieu of a location-based transaction when selecting a vehicle.  Along with helping those specific clients for our dealership, he also masterfully administrates our certified pre-owned program and our online third-party presence, helping to ensure that our clients find the vehicle and value they need from us on a daily basis.

  • DW Weddles
    Online Concierge Specialist

    Dewayne is responsible to be a first point of contact for those clients hesitant to make a physical point of contact by first contacting us through an online source.  He is one of our most knowledgeable team members when discussing our product features and their benefits, and welcomes the opportunity to share that knowledge to help our clients successfully navigate the many choices available to them when selecting the perfect vehicle.

  • Mike Hartwell
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    Mr. Hartwell is a very seasoned veteran of this industry, and is keenly aware of the different needs a customer can have and how to best help them.  With a very high level of product knowledge, a strong knowledge of customer satisfaction needs, and a background full of exciting experiences,  Mike can help anyone to find their perfect fit.

  • Daniel Ruggles
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    With a smile on his face and an internal will and desire for success that gets stronger as the day gets longer, Daniel is one of the best representatives a company could ask for when engaged with a client.  His ability to dig in and find a way to help someone, along with his clever and often witty personality, is why so many of the people that deal with him enthusiastically refer their friends and family his way.  You know a good thing when you see it, and his skill and knowledge are definitely a good thing.

  • Chuck Cory
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    Mr. Cory is an 8 year veteran in the automotive sales realm, with a highly tuned skill set.  His friendly and positive personality helps even the most unsure vehicle inquirer feel more comfortable, and his ability to make the process run exceptionally smooth and efficiently is one of the many reasons his referral sales history is one of the best in the industry.  

  • Dwyane Daniels
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    Dwyane is an experienced specialist making his return to the Finnegan family, ready to use his talents to help our customers to the best of his abilities and beyond their expectations!

  • Javier Garcia
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    A natural relentless effort & attention to learning this new adventure makes Javier a great addition to our family.

  • Jorge Martinez, Jr.
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    Jorge is one of our newest additions, but fits right in with our goals of only providing top-notch and insightful assistance to our sales customers.  His passion for our vehicles, paired with great knowledge and a sincere desire to help everyone in this process makes him a very welcome addition to the Finnegan family.

  • Richard Davis
    Product Specialist/Customer Advocate

    Please welcome Richard to the team!  His youth and excitement will be welcome!

Our entire Finnegan team and family are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and providing a world-class experience for you when you visit.  Please feel free to visit and ask questions!  
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