Where The Rubber Meets The Road: Tire Care Made Easy

As everyone has probably found out quickly while living in Houston, the roads can be pretty rough. That also means they can be rough on your tires. We believe it's very important to have your tires properly checked before heading out on the road. Good tires and tread can not only improve the comfort of the ride, but the gas milage, steering, and braking. 


Many streets and even highways in the city can have lots of debris laying around, big and small. You can always avoid large objects, but it's the tiny ones that will do you in! Nails, wood, glass, and rocks can become lodged in the tread, or even puncture the tires. This could result in uneven wear or a flat at the worst possible time. With that in mind, take a look at your tires before going out on the streets. 


Properly inflated tires help avoid wear and tear over time to the outermost area of the tread. This could also result in a blowout, and almost certainly poorer gas mileage since the engine will be working against the increase in friction. Be sure to consult your vehicle's manual for exact ranges of tire pressure in both hot and cold conditions.


Our tire tread is smarter than we give it credit for. The lines crossing the high points of the tire's tread, called tread bars, are the first thing you should look for when considering replacement. You can then turn to the penny test to gauge wear on the tread, but we recommend sticking a quarter in the tread. 

We at Finnegan Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram believe that everyone should be confident in their car during their commute. That's why we're excited to service your vehicle, whether it be tires, lights, brakes, or fluids. Stop by Finnegan CJDR today for all your service and vehicle needs!

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