Five Tips For Breaking The Texting While Driving Habit

According to the FCC, driving while texting increases the risk of being involved in a severe accident by a factor of 23. This means that answering a text message is just as dangerous as driving while drunk. Numerous states and cities around the country already restrict the use of cellphones while driving, with penalties ranging from suspended licenses to stiff penalties for repeat offenders. 

The reason for this is simple - it is physically impossible to look at your phone and the road at the same time. Human eyes are not designed to be looking at two distances simultaneously, thus everything in the background will become a meaningless blur. However, with texting becoming more common than traditional phone calls, it is nearly impossible to keep out of touch while driving. Here are four ways for you to stop texting while driving, without losing touch with those around you. 

Invest In A Hands-Free Media System 

Nearly every modern car can have a hands-free entertainment system installed. These systems can sync with modern phones through USB and Bluetooth, allowing voice control to be easily utilized to handle everything from answering the phone to sending text messages. With the right combination of phone and audio system, you will never have to reach for your phone while driving again. 

Have A Standard Reply Ready

Every modern phone has a "silence" mode that can be modified with third-party software, giving the end-user control over how the phone responds to certain inputs while locked down. With the right option, it is possible to have an automated message go out with each incoming text. This message can be anything, though most choose to have something along the lines of: "Driving. If this is an emergency, call now." This allows you the certainty of knowing that people understand why you aren't responding, and gives them permission to call you if the situation warrants it. 

Put The Phone On Mute 

This is difficult for many people, though having the phone on mute can prevent more problems than anything else. When cellphones first became commonplace, there was a great deal of concern about talking while driving. While concerns have shifted to texting, the same danger persists. By having your phone on silent, it is possible to eliminate any chance of distractions causing an accident while driving. 

Put The Phone In The Glovebox 

If you do not have access to your phone, then you cannot indulge in the dangerous habit of using it while driving. You will be able to hear all incoming messages, though you will not have the ability to actually interact with the phone until you put the car into park and reach over to the passenger side of the vehicle. This can be a very effective training tool, if you pair the phone with the car's entertainment system. You will be forced to use the alternative input method, with the only other option being to pull over to the side of the road. 

At Finnegan Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, we want you to remain as safe as possible while on the road. Eliminating your texting habits while driving, will only improve your safely and those on the road around you. Make sure to stop by or make an appointment for service check up so that you'll know your car will be in its best shape for driving! 
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