How To Change Your Tire


Getting stranded on the side of the road is a helpless feeling, and even if you have AAA or helpful friends, help can take a long time to arrive. 

Some automotive breakdowns are just going have your car on a tow truck no matter what you do. But a flat tire? You can handle a flat tire, even if you know nothing about cars. 

Here's how:

Locate your Jack

The jack will be in your trunk, near the spare tire. Sometimes it will be underneath the spare tire, sometimes in a cubby hole on interior side of the trunk. On most modern cars, it will be a scissor jack because scissor jacks don't take up much space. They aren't the quickest jacks to use, but they'll do the job. 

Raise the Wheel (Part of the Way)

Position the jack so that it is on a flat portion of ground and aligned with one of the assigned lift points on your vehicle. Lift points? Yeah, lift points are little spots where the manufacturer has determined the car is most easily and safely lifted. These are on the underside of the body, located most commonly near the wheels. They'll be labeled. Put the jack under the lift point nearest the flat tire. 

Now, raise the jack just enough to take a little weight off the wheel, but not enough that the tire spins freely. 

Remove the Lug Nuts

Attached to, or near, the jack will be a lug wrench. It might even double as the device you used to lift the jack. Anyway, remove the lug nuts by turning them counter-clockwise (lefty loosey, righty tighty). 

Remove the Wheel

Once the lugnuts are gone, raise the wheel all the way up, which is to say far enough above the ground that you can remove the flat tire. Remember, too, that you'll be replacing it with a fully inflated tire, so you might need to go up another inch or so. 

Affix the Spare

Align the holes in the wheel of the spare with the lug bolts, slide it on, and begin tightening up the lug nuts. Do this in a star pattern so that the wheel goes on straight and all the lug nuts get tightened equally. 

Get them finger tight, then lower the car to the ground. If you tighten the lug nuts while the wheel doesn't have the full weight of the vehicle on it, the lug nuts won't be tightened all the way, and they might come loose. 

Once the vehicle is lowered, give each lug nut a good twist. No need to go crazy on it, but make them nice and snug. Put the flat tire and your tools in the trunk and you're done. 

That was easy, right?

Now, bring your flat tire to the service department at Finnegan Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, where our technicians will repair or replace it in no time, at a fair price. 

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