Three Car Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


You're not a neglectful person. You pay your bills on time. You RSVP to weddings. You reply to text messages in a timely fashion. You're on top of it.But we all have our blind spots, and cars are complicated and, well, we here at Finnegan Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM have seen it all over the years. As much as we appreciate your business, nothing makes us happier than seeing cars and trucks running in tip-top shape.So we thought we'd let you in on a few common car mistakes you may be making.

Letting Your Brakes Squeal

Well, the car keeps stopping, doesn't it? It's just a little squeak, and it doesn't even do it every time. No big deal, right?Here's the thing: That brake squeal is caused by a part that has no function in your brake system other than to make a terrible and annoying squeaking noise to alert you to the fact your brake pads need changed, ASAP. That sound you hear is a little metal tab digging into your brake rotors. If you don't replace the pads immediately, that tab -- and eventually some other metal parts -- will start digging into your brake rotor, and you'll end up having to replace or resurface that too.

Not Flushing Your Transmission

We know, we know. We've seen the looks on your faces. A lot of people look at a transmission flush like it's a bottle of snake oil, some needless gimmick designed only to separate you from your money.Trust the automotive community on this one. Think of it like this: Transmission fluid is to your transmission what oil is to your engine. Granted, transmission fluid stays cleaner for longer because, unlike your engine, your transmission isn't sucking air and fuel into it from the outside, nor are any explosions happening in your transmission. But that oil can't last forever. If your car has more than about 70,000 miles on it, you're probably about ready for a transmission flush. Trust us: It won't cost that much, and you know what they say about an ounce of prevention ...

Not Getting An Alignment

As with the noisy brakes, a misaligned suspension generally doesn't render the car un-drivable, it just renders it mildly annoying -- the steering wheel is off center and the wheels pull you to one side, but overall the car works OK.The trouble is, that poor alignment is doing a number on your tires. It's making them wear out faster and unevenly, and it might even make them develop this weird choppy pattern that will create more road noise. Just get the thing aligned. It won't cost much, and your car will thank you.As always, we're here to take care of these and any other car problems you may be having. Know you can always trust our technicians to get the job done right the first time, with the convenience Finnegan CJDR has always been known for.
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