Four Driving Habits That Are Ruining Your Vehicle


We have all heard the phrase, "If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you." However, it's important to know what isn't good for your car, like doing doughnuts in the parking lot. It is a new ballgame when you are doing damage to your vehicle without even knowing it. That's why we are shining the light on four of the most common ways you could be prematurely wearing out your vehicle, and some solutions to keep your car on the road longer.  

1. Risk "E" Business

Waiting until your gas tank is almost empty before filling up can be extremely dangerous for a few reasons. Sure, you think making that trip to the gas station is inconvenient for your time and wallet, however when you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with no gas in your tank, you might reconsider what's really inconvenient. 

Another extremely costly and inconvenient thing to happen when running your car on "E", is replacing a fuel pump. In case you weren’t in-the-know, gas acts as coolant for the electric fuel pump motor, so when you run very low on fuel, the pump then sucks in air and can cause the pump motor to wear prematurely and fail. Always keep your tank at least ¼ of the way full to avoid hazardous situations.

2. It's Your Turn

If you didn't know by now, UPS engineers devised a route-optimization plan to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and get packages delivered on time by exiling left-hand turns. By taking this into consideration, you could not only save on fuel and time, but one thing is for certain; you could decrease the chance of scrapping your beloved rims, or blowing a tire and causing damage to your vehicle.

3. Treading the Way

Driving on poor performing tires can mean a few different things, which is why checking your tires is an essential part of practicing good driving habits.  Not only is this a safety precaution, but your tires can really tell you a lot more about your vehicle than you might think.

Typically, when your tires are worn on the inner and outer edges, that is a sign that your tires are underinflated and probably have been for some time. When filling your tires with air, it is important that you use a tire pressure gauge. If you over inflate your tires, you will notice wearing on the middle ring. When your tires have cupping on the edges, your suspension may be worn out. And if you notice that your tires have wearing on just the inside, your tires lifespan is at jeopardy and so is your alignment. Make sure you are checking your tire regularly to maintain your vehicles lifespan and performance.

4. Going the Extra Mile?

Oh the dreaded fuel pump. Many of us hate this for one of two reasons, you either have a gas-guzzler that you dread filling up, or you have the OCD urge to turn the pump back on after it has already clicked, and “top off” to an even $34.00 instead of $33.72.  Unfortunately, that extra few cents that you thought was going to get your vehicle an extra mile or so is actually doing just the opposite.

If your tank were to have a leak, your vehicle’s evap system would manage the fuel vapors by holding them in the charcoal canister, where the vapors are then pumped back into the engine and burned. When you “top off”, what you are essentially doing is pumping fuel into your charcoal canister. This can cause the canister to break apart, and when it breaks, it will get pumped into the engine and also damage your control valve.

Your vehicle is an intricate and essential machine to your everyday life. So treat it like it is by paying attention to details. What may seem like something small can be the leading culprit to something much larger. You can start by bringing your vehicle in to see our certified technicians for some routine maintenance, or they are always here to answer any questions you may have! Maybe you have let your car go too long and you are looking for a vehicle to start over with and treat right, and we've got just what you need. Come take a look and test drive our brand new models, and some of our quality, pre-owned vehicles!
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